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Casting of model agency and studio "Model-show"

For those who does not know , that such "a casting" - I will try to explain.

Let's assume, that some firm is going to remove a videoclip for advertising of production (for example Pepsi, Sprite, Stimorol - and so on, and so forth). For shootings people (basically - youth), and as you repeatedly saw on telescreens - not necessarily with appearance of photomodel are necessary to it:). What to do? Where to collect small group of interested persons and to arrange "casting" (that is to choose those who suits certain roles is better.)? The answer is simple - she (he) addresses to certain agency (for example - "Model-show") and asks to arrange from them this most "casting" . In turn the agency, using the information channels, invites all wishing to participate in it.

"How there is this selection?" - You ask.  on - to a miscellaneous. Recently, for example, for advertising of any paint for hair, selection passed approximately so: the girl or the young man approached to a table at which the commission sat; it examined and at once spoke or " we take", or "thanks, an exit - to the right ".
it is final, if selection is on a dancing videoclip - it is necessary and to dance, " to show, on what you are capable ".

"And what for to me it? "   Well, money and-or popularity still stirred to nobody. And in general this business voluntary, can remain at home and watch TV, and that suddenly that interesting pass:).

The detailed information on ALL questions can be learnt by phones of model agency and studio "Model-show".

Every Wednesday (from 14.00 till), Saturday and Sunday (from 10.00 till) passes selection of children, girls and young men is elderly with 2.5 till 25 years with modelling data and attractive appearance - for work in model agency "Model-show".

You wish to become model, but consider that employment cost much? You are assured that for achievement of professional level month and not two intense employment is required not? "Model-show" offers you professional annual training of all for 50 % from its price! It not draw.

We invite girls 12 - 27 years with modelling appearance for sharing in competition the Ms. Moscow 2009. Casting passes in agency, record by agency phones.

We invite girls with modelling appearance for sharing in competitions Beauty of Russia 2009 and the Russian woman 2009. A casting passes in agency, record by agency phones.

We invite models and dancers with effective external data to the contract to Turkey in Ankara in prestigious club for 2 and more months (the show program, a disco-dances, cheerful animation with visitors). Salary 1800 USD in a month and awards 2-5 USD for each drink drunk for an evening with visitors. The basic requests to candidates: 18-25 years, growth of 168-180 sm, parametres a breast of 83-93 sm, a waist 58-67, hips 86-96. Presentable photos for the assertion. Copies / and civil passports. A 4-photo as on /, parents. Registration of the working visa 2 months. An additional information by phones:
The information by agency phones.

Model agency "Model-show" invites for the exhibition, which will pass in World trade centre (World trade centre Moscow), girls of modelling appearance, photomodels, models, , promo-models, models, top models... The Operating time: with 10 to 18 hours (4-5 days) the Kind of work: consultation of visitors, potential clients at the stand. Also, it will be necessary to hand over to visitors bags with souvenirs, to distribute the advertising material. The clothes form: Request wedding dresses to girls: growth from 170 sm to 183 see 42-44 clothing sizes, hair below shoulders. And girls growth 175-180, hair below shoulders. The information by agency phones.

The TV presenter for the entertaining program of 1st channel. The girl with modelling external data, 16 - 20 years. Artistic, vocal, choreographic, sports, preparation is welcomed. Free of defects speeches.
The information by agency phones.

We invite to cooperation of parents photogenic children. Children for work in suits of angels for stay on presentations, weddings are necessary.

We invite stars of a platform for performances on corporate parties
The information by agency phones.

The casting appears. The assistant to the producer of 1st channel. The girl with modelling external data, 18 - 25 years. Preference to candidates with an economic education. salary from 1000 USD The information by agency phones.

The secretary for work on is required. The girl with modelling external data, 20 - 27 years. With knowledge of clerical work and an operational experience of the secretary. salary from 1000 USD The information by agency phones.

We invite to a casting of girls with the big bust (from 4 sizes), 16-24 years with pretty appearance. Record and your questions by agency phones.

The model agency and studio "Model-show" invites Leaders of entertaining programs.
Girls and young men of 16-25 years, cheerful, vigorous, artistic. Vocal, sports, choreographic or trick preparation are welcomed. Free of defects speeches. Preference to actors and experts of a speech genre.
On selection:
1. The passport and photos. 2. The story about itself in an original manner to explain the desire reason to work to Leaders.
3. To sing a part of a favourite song.
4. To execute dance or to show a sheaf under a soundtrack for 1 minute.
Selections strictly:
Environment from 16 o'clock till 21 o'clock.
Saturday and Sunday from 11 o'clock till 16 o'clock.
The Address: m. "the October Field", street of Marshal Rybalko, . 10, 1 entrance (at an entrance - the right door), to the right, 1 office.

Record by agency phones or

Are invited from 16 till 26 years by growth from 170 to 185 see, a clothing size 42, 44, 46 (the set is conducted constantly)

The state ballet school "Phoenix" leads selection of children with 3 till 12 years (with 12 with choreographic preparation). Employment are conducted 3 times a week under the program to the MOVE.
Are studied:
Classical dance, it is national - characteristic dance, a modern choreography, ballet gymnastics.
Upon termination of training the certificate of the state sample is granted. The information by agency phones.

The all-Russian ending of competition "Beauty of Russia 2008", models of our agency became winners in separate nominations. New selection appears.
Girls of modelling appearance with 13 till 27 years.

Girls for work in Paris (Photo-advertising effort) are invited.
Girls of modelling appearance with 15 till 24 years, growth: 173-182 see, a standard constitution.
Minimum contract 3 months.
The Casting passes every Wednesday 16-21 hours and every Saturday and revival of 11-17 hours in studio office. (The address, phone on the right on the screen) For advertising of drinks men 25 - are required 35 years The European type. Preference to actors of advertising.

For the catalogue of man's and female shirts girls, long-haired (below shoulders) blondes, brown-haired women and brunettes, swarty, and also young men of the European type are required.

Attention! The set appears!!!
We invite girls-models with 18 till 30 years, growth from 168 to 182 sm, for work as secretaries, , assistants to the chief, offices-managers, workers of the financial and economic block, guides-models, a business escort for banks, large firms and foreign clients. Requests: the personal computer base, English language (colloquial), any European (colloquial). Interviews: presentable photos tests, the resume. /: from 500 to 2000$ in a month. The work schedule: the complete working day. Record by agency phones. Receiving days: environment - with 17 - 21, Saturday, revival - from 11-16 The address: Moscow of street Rybalko (m. the October Field)

Attention! The sphere of services of model agency has extended!!!
Model agency "Model-show" will carry out the organisation and realisation of corporate actions, presentations, holidays for children and adults, Selection of a place of realisation, sharing of models, any actors and stars of a platform, Sound and light equipment, photo-and video shooting, fireworks, restaurant of exit service.

We invite girls - models (any growth) for entertaining video - the Internet of the project with 18 till 32 years. Dialogue in a chat. English language and knowledge of the computer - level of the user. The salary from 200 to 1500 c.u. In a month. It is obligatory to have the passport or driver's the rights. The intim is excluded, the free schedule, female collective, residing is possible. At work more than 6 hours per day The free dinner and soft drinks is guaranteed. The information by agency phones. Interview on record

For work with the Russian light industry at the exhibitions and for a podium we invite girls - models (models): growth 174-179, the size 42-44, and also models with growth 175-182 and the size - to 46. Girls-mulattos and negresses are welcomed.
young men also are invited: growth 180-186, the size 50-52, and also growth to 190 and the size 52-54. Young men as European appearance, and mulattos and Afro-Americans are welcomed.

We invite for a permanent job of linen models for fashion display " pret-and-porte" and exclusive collections of clothes.

For display of a knitted collection (sports, youth and classical styles) it is constant girls (growth 173-177, are required. 44-46) and young men (growth 177-185, . 46-48)

Casting on (work with visitors). Minimum term - 6 months. Payment - " 1000$ + percent (to 3000$) in a month. And quot;

Are required models 170 - 174 with standard data for modelling parties and fashion - show . Payment, naturally, we guarantee.
Also we invite actresses of a striptease with ready numbers - for erotic competitions and show programs.

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