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Ballet school "Nutcracker"

News of a ballet school "Nutcracker"

In a ballet school "Nutcracker" we invite children and teenagers at the age from 3 till 20 years. Details by phones of modelling agency "Model-show"

On July, 16th the soloist of theatre of dance Tanja Smantser has been invited by competition management "the Ms. Moscow" to evening of the Italian company "Dreams and secrets".

The competition ending "the Ms. Moscow" In competition on July, 15th has taken place 3 models of studio "Model-show" took part: Karpova Katya, a Osintseva Alisa, Novikova Viktorija. Karpova Katya has received magazine FOTOMODEL prize - photosession on pages of magazine and article, Novikova Viktorija - "Ms. Feshn" and the contract on one thousand dollars, the biggest numbers of prize-winning nominations from all participants of competition has received a Osintseva Alisa: the Prize from the international ecological university (free training), a prize of the Italian company "Dreams and secrets" ((a set of bedding of a class lux "and a title" the Ms. model-show "and a ring with brilliants from agency

On July, 18th it is acted in park-hotel "Volynsk"
15 competition of the Ms. Moscow will take place! Support our models - come to be ill!
All collectives of group are awarded by a trip to Evpatoria. 30 persons prepare for departure for rest!!! Thanks Moscow City Council and native prefecture and also management of culture of northwest administrative district!

On June, 27th soloists of average group leave in a Sergiev pasad for performance in manor Trubitsky

Performance of soloists of branch of aesthetic gymnastics of theatre of dance "Nutcracker" on the Symphonic platform on June, 14th has taken place
On June, 16th the theatre of dance "Nutcracker" gave the solo program in sports palace "Wings of councils" (club "Leningrad") on an anniversary of the director of competitions of beauty "the Ms. Moscow" and "Beauty of Russia". This year 3 models of studio "Model-show" take part in competition "the Ms. Moscow", 2 from them at present are engaged in studio: a Osintseva Alisa and the Ms. Young Moscow 2008 Karpova Ekaterina
Performance of the soloist of theatre of dance in a GUM conference hall at the international conference of a military-sports forum on June, 21st has taken place
performance of theatre of dance on on one of the main exhaustive balls of Moscow in the state central Kremlin hall "Russia" Luzniki on June, 23rd will take place
On June, 26th the dance theatre takes part in the celebrations devoted to Day of youth
On June, 27th the senior group acts on the closed action in Park-hotel

On June, 7th on a symphonic platform performance of theatre of dance "Nutcracker" in a concert of stars of a Romansiady will take place. Participants: Klesunova, a Dzhambinova, Potapov, a Alekseeva, a Volkova, Smantser, Kolganova, JAhina, a Богданова, Petrozhitsky

On May, 29th shooting of the telecast devoted to the Olympic Games at 13.00 will take place. To shooting are invited: Smantser Tanja, a Boganova Tanja and a Petrozhikaja the Sleepyhead. It is necessary for children to have at itself suits and medals

The Plan of the nearest concerts
On May, 22nd theatrical festival
On May, 23rd Romansiady seasons on the Lemeshevsky glade
On May, 31st "Our solar world"
On June, 1st in 11.00день protection of children in a Rublevo
In 15.00-ball in a krasnoznamennom to a hall of the Ekaterina's palace
On July, 12th mountain

The General result of the Olympic Games: 10 cups, 5 medals and 19 diplomas. We congratulate all participants.
The Third competitive day. Ensemble of a mazhoretok of "Russian" the Champion of the Eastern Europe in nominations "a Mazhoretki Drums" and "a Mazhoretki Pompons" 2 cups for the first places.

The Second competitive day. The All-Russia competition on Gipsy dance: Smantser (bebi)-gold, a Dzhambinova (juniors)-silver, a Volkova (Adults)-gold.
The All-Russia competition of round dances
The General result: 8 cups, 5 medals and 17 diplomas

The Result of the first competitive day: 7 cups, 2 medals and 12 diplomas.
The Championship of Russia on acrobatic dance
A nomination "Juniors of a Formejshn" very big competition
1 place
The Nomination "a Bebi of Solo"
Smantser Tanja
1 place
The Petrozhitsky Sleepyhead
3 place
The World championship on acrobatic dance
The Nomination "Adult Solos"
A Osintseva Alisa
4 place
The European championship on ballet
The Nomination "Prodakshn"
"the Waltz of colours"
1 PLACE gold
the Nomination "Juniors of a Formejshn" ("Snowflakes")
1 PLACE gold
the Nomination "Children of a Formejshn" ("the Waltz of colours" at us children till 6 years acted, categories "Bebi" for them were not)
3 PLACE bronze
the Nomination "Children Small group" ("Kuvshinchik")
Group № 2 (Glazov Soloveva's of Богданова)
1 place gold
Group № 1 (Smantser, JAhina, Kolganova)
2 place silver
the Nomination "Juniors small group" (Klesunova, Glazov, Soloveva)
2 place silver
a nomination "Children solo"
12 pretenders the ending left 5, among them Bogdanova Tanja
In the ending-5 a place and the diploma
the Nomination "Juniors of Solo"
15 pretenders in the ending left 6, including Alain's Dzhambinova. In the ending - 5 place and the diploma

The European championship on ballet Today has taken place. In the championship ending there were two soloists of theatre of dance "Nutcracker": Bogdanova Tanja (Ballet Children) and Alain's Dzhambinova (Ballet Juniors). IT ALREADY the VICTORY!!! We CONGRATULATE!

The Schedule of the nearest concerts
On April, 23rd - Rybalko
On April, 25th - ball in the Ekaterina's palace
On April, 26th - performance on a children's holiday
On April, 28th - performance for TV of Joint-Stock Company on a platform of a recreation centre "Architects". Departure from studio at 13.30
On May, 3rd - dress rehearsal in "Rublevo"
On May, 4th - the European championship on ballet
On May, 5th - the World championship on acrobatic dance
On May, 6th - round dances and Gipsy
On May, 8th - the championship of countries of Eastern Europe on a mazhoretkam
On May, 9th - Day of a victory near a recreation centre "Rublevo"
On May, 16th - the Solo concert in a garden "Hermitage"
On May, 17th - an accounting concert in a recreation centre "Rublevo", delivery of medals and diplomas to all who occupied prize-winning places of a solno or as a part of collective, tea drinking.

On April, 25th the dance theatre opens the Kremlin ball in the Ekaterina's palace. After performance children are more senior 11 years can remain on ball as visitors. The evening dress is obligatory. All kids will be sent by a taxi in studio.

In connection with preparation for the Olympic Games on Sunday on April, 19th in the big hall and the foyer of theatre of dance "Nutcracker" will take place rehearsals of competitive numbers. From studio "Nutcracker" to theatre 10 local taxi will ply from 12 o'clock till 13 o'clock. On rehearsal the structure of group nominations and soloists will be declared. All interested persons participate in a nomination "Prodakshn".

On March, 29th collectives of centre "Интерталант" the Theatre of dance "Nutcracker" and studio of aesthetic gymnastics "Grace" Took part in competition "talents. Grand prix of Moscow" cup World Dans ". A participation result - 5 cups and 8 medals.
1 place and a cup in a nomination "Classical dance of a Bebi Small group"
1 place and a cup in a nomination "Classical dance Children of a Formejshn"
1 place, the diploma and a cup in a nomination "Classical dance Juniors of a Formejshn"
1 place, the diploma and a cup in a nomination "Classical dance Juniors Small group"
2 place, the diploma and a cup in a nomination "Classical dance Juniors Small group"
1 places and a gold medal in a nomination "Acrobatic dance of a Bebi of Solo"-Tanja Smantser
2 places and a silver medal in a nomination "Acrobatic dance of a Bebi of Solo" - the Petrozhitsky Sleepyhead
2 places and a silver medal in a nomination "Classical dance Children of Solo"-Tanja a Богданова
1 places and a gold medal in a nomination "Classical dance Juniors of Solo"-Klesunova Diana
2 places and a silver medal in a nomination "Ballet Juniors of Solo"-Dzhambinova Alain
1 place in a nomination "Ballet of Solo Adults" - a Volkova Svetlana
2 places and a silver medal in a nomination "Ballet of Solo Adults" - Aksenova Anna
system "Интерталант" Collectives have received the greatest number of awards

The theatre of dance "Nutcracker" on January, 31st, 2009 has opened. The theatre has the big new modern halls, spacious locker rooms with per capita, a fine scenic platform. For selected in the basic concert structure training free, in the first and second structures - paid. The nearest metro stations: ShChukinskaja-15 mines, Строгино-10 mines, Молодежная-15 mines, Krylatsky - 12 mines, Tushinsky - 15 mines
On March, 24th the schoolgirl of the senior group Anna Aksenova has arrived in academy of a choreography of Natalia Nesterovoj. Its future speciality - "ballet pedagogics". With all the heart we congratulate Anna, are glad for it, especially considering what to be engaged in a choreography it has begun in September, 2006 in fifteen years.

On March, 21st soloists of theatre of dance "Nutcracker" participated in the championship of the Moscow area on classical dance and dancing show. In a nomination "Classical dance. Children of Solo" has won Liza Potapov, a nomination "Classical dance. Solo. Juniors" a confident victory has gained Alain's Dzhambinova, In a nomination "Classical dance. Solo. Adults" a silver medal Svetlana, and bronze-aksenova Anna has won a Volkova. A nomination "Dancing show" was won by Tanja Smantser. We CONGRATULATE! www.parketprof.ru

On March, 15th at festival "Sunlight spot" gala concert, "Theatre of dance"Nutcracker", unique collective in a nomination" Classical dance ", has received the Special prize of jury" For high culture of execution and preservation of traditions of classical dance ", Tanja Smantser executing on selection round solo number, the unique participant of a nomination" Solo Variety dance "has received the diploma" For charm and high mastery ". I congratulate all participants of festival!

On March, 15th pupils of preparatory and younger group act in festival "Sunlight spot" gala concert. The structure of the acting should correspond to structure of selection round

On March, 5th the dance theatre participates in a concert for employees of a justice of Joint-Stock Company


The theatre of dance "Nutcracker" on January, 31st opens. The theatre has the big new modern halls, spacious locker rooms with per capita, a fine scenic platform. For selected in the basic concert structure training free, in the first and second structures - paid. The nearest metro stations: Shchukinsky, a Strogino, Youth.

On March, 5th there is in hire Egor Druzhinin's film-musical "First love" in which pupils already average group Desjaterik Nastja, Богданова Тнаня last summer acted in film, Bashkatova Alina and Smantser Tanja. Girls have been involved in shooting of a final song. As soloists of the senior group took part in a small episode. At cinema the collective campaign is planned for film viewing. The interested person - to enter the name at Olga Borisovny.

Competition "Grand prix of Moscow and the Moscow area" has taken place. Theatre of dance "Nutcracker" represented: the soloist of younger group Tanja Smantser, the soloist of the senior group Klesunova Diana and Aksenova Anna. Tanja Smantser has gained a convincing victory in a nomination "Acrobatic dance" (bebi), Klesunova Diana has won a gold medal in a nomination "Ballet" (juniors, solo), Aksenova Anna also became the first but already among adults. We CONGRATULATE!!!

On February, 14th and 15 2009 collectives of group took part in festivals "Sunlight spots" (14.02, for the smallest), and "a dance Workshop" (15.02) and in BOTH COMPETITIONS left in gala concert!!! I congratulate all children, especially babes and their small soloists.

On February, 15th group collectives participate in festival "Dancing workshop"

Pupils of studio "Nutcracker" are more younger 7 years participate in festival "Sunlight spot"

The concert of collectives of group at press University on January, 31st will take place

On January, 31st and on February, 1st performance of a ballet school "Nutcracker" in the Columned hall of the House of the unions will take place

Performance of collectives of group in a recreation centre "Salute" on January, 29th will take place

On January, 24th in Luzniki beauty competition "the Ms. Students 2009" will take place. The senior group of theatre of dance "Nutcracker" will take part In the concert program

Rehearsals 2009 will not be on January, 17th and 18. The concert is transferred since January, 23rd for February, 13th. Pupils of studio start employment on January, 21st.

In February, 2008 the theatre of dance "Nutcracker" opens. The set in theatre will be is carried out on a casting. The theatre has the big new modern halls, spacious locker rooms with per capita, a fine scenic platform. For selected in the basic concert structure training free, in the first and second structures - paid. The information on work of theatre and a transfer order can be learnt from theatre director Olga Borisovny (8-903-775-7985)

10 and 12 январяв 2009 15.00 round dance rehearsals "Первопрестольная Moscow" will take place. On rehearsal should be present: Аксенова, a Volkova, Yeremeyev, a Alekseeva, Klesunova, a Dzhambinova, Кашапова, Десятерик, Smantser, a Богданова.

Performance of studio "Model-show" and the soloist of younger group of a ballet school Tani Smantser's "Nutcracker" on New Year's masquerade on a Rublevke on December, 24th has taken place.

On December, 20th in pupils of the senior group of a ballet school "Nutcracker" have successfully passed examination in subjects: classical dance, it is national-haraktrnyj dance, a heritage and mastery. Examination was accepted by the deserved actress of Russia, teacher-choreographer Nina Ivanovna Kondratyev (Malhasjants). I congratulate all ballerinas.

Offsets and examinations in younger and average groups of a ballet school "Nutcracker" on gymnastics and classical dance, and also examination in a defile in studio "Model-show" on January, 27th will take place. Observance of the form of clothes STRICTLY NECESSARILY!


Show group tour in Suzdal within the limits of the governmental program "Children of Moscow - to children of regions" on December, 9th will take place

The concert devoted to 15 anniversary of modelling agency and studio "Model-show" on December, 6th has taken place. The concert lasted 3 hours, has been involved 47 studijtsev, more than 400 suits and about thousand units of a requisite. The concert has been divided into 4 blocks: a prologue, the classical block, the modelling block and beauty competition "the Ms. Model-show". The album with professional photos will be placed later.

Mazhoretok performance in the anniversary concert devoted to 20-year-old anniversary of school 1089 on November, 14th has taken place.
br> Competition Internet voting "the Ms. Model-show" Has begun. All interested persons can vote for the liked konkursantku, having left a smilie in its comments in a competitive album. EACH USER CAN VOTE ONCE And ONLY FOR ONE PARTICIPANT.

Attention!!! On Monday 3 REHEARSAL of concert numbers to an anniversary concert on th of November will take place. At 12.00 - all ballet, at 14.00 - Model-show and ballet. The appearance is strictly obligatory!!!

In the beginning of December the holiday devoted to 15 anniversary of modelling agency and studio "Model-show" will take place. Preparation will begin in days of a school vacation.

The Ensemble of a mazhoretok of "Russian" has returned from Sankt-Peterbuga with a victory! A Mazhoretki have won Grand prix of St.-Petersburg, the soloist of studio "Nutcracker" of a Klesunova Diana has received a silver medal in a nomination "Ballet" (solo, juniors), a Aksenova - a gold medal in a nomination "Ballet" (solo, adults).

On October, 17th in a recreation centre "SALUTE" rewarding of prize-winners of district festival "My family - my Universe" sisters of a Glazovyh and soloist Svety has taken place. Girls have received a cup, the diploma, souvenirs and a radio telephone. We CONGRATULATE!

Preparation for competition "the Ms. Model-show" which will pass in frameworks of 15 studios Begins. Registration of participants comes to an end on October, 8th.

The group for a trip to Peter Is generated! Preparation begins on September, 11-12th, departure 24го.

On September, 27-28th in hotel "Soviet" concert hall there passed the international forum-competition of models and talents. Studio "Nutcracker" was represented by soloist Klesunova Diana (12 years). It has won a bronze medal in a nomination "the Best executor" and a gold medal in a nomination "Classical dance". Diana together with studio collective is invited to gala concert which will take place on September, 29th in hotel "Soviet" concert hall. We CONGRATULATE!!!

The schedule on Saturday and Sunday on September, 27-28th in connection with tour Varies. On Saturday there will pass employment in younger and preparatory groups of studio "Nutcracker", all other pupil gathering in studio at 13 o'clock.

In the end of October tours of collectives of group in St.-Petersburg will take place.

On September, 27th the ensemble of a mazhoretok of "Russian" leaves on tour in the Tamansky division as a part of delegation of the First television channel.

Performance of angels in country yacht-club on September, 13th has taken place. Separate gratitude to mum Tani Bogdanovoj Oli for the order and acquisition of warm fur coats for performances in the street

The master class on the Irish dance on September, 13th begins.

Performance of the soloist of choreographic ensemble "planet Rhythms" Volkovoj Svetlanas at a concert devoted to Day of a city on September, 7th has taken place.

The master class on acrobatics, art gymnastics and a cherlidingu on September, 6th has begun. Visit employment all interested persons from concert structures of collectives of group can.

Tour of ensemble of a mazhoretok of "Russian" in Ryazan with the First television channel (the teleproject "the First in Army") on September, 5th will take place. Participants of the project-star of a platform, cinema and television.

On September, 5th group collectives participate in a concert devoted to Day of a city.

On August, 31st at 13 o'clock the general gathering in studio of all collectives of group. The statement concert will take place and show structures, preparation for a concert devoted to Day of a city will begin. For everything, wishing to continue training in the basic structures of group an appearance it is obligatory.

Performance of collectives of group in the entertaining centre in the Tver parkway on August, 28th will take place

on August, 25th the soloist of studio Anna Aksenova acts at theatre "Ромен"

Ballet school performance in a gushing hall of academy of sciences on August, 23rd will take place

Performance of angels in manor "Serednjakovo" on September, 15th has taken place

8 августа performance of angels at the Dmitrovsky REGISTRY OFFICE has taken place.

Performance before Jury Mehajlovichem Luzhkov at opening of any water plane on July, 25th has taken place. To us promised to buy for it a drum

The concert of collectives of group in a concert hall of "Patterns" on August, 1st will take place.

The concert of collectives of group at a temple of the Christ of the Savior on July, 25th will take place.

The concert of collectives of group on a symphonic platform of a recreation park "Sokolniki" in the program "Galina Preobrazhenskoj's Musical drawing room" on July, 13th will take place. Also known opera executors and soloists of Theatre of light opera will take part in a concert.

On July, 1st started competition "Beauty of Russia 2008". In competition of 78 participants, among them 5 models of modelling agency and studio "Model-show": Babinovich Inna ("the Ms. young Russia 2007", "the Ms. of a photo of the World", "the Ms. the World figure"), Vishnevskaya Anna ("the Ms. the Internet 2007"), Posohova Olga - professional model, Suhareva Alain - professional model, Bartenev Elena - professional model. Evening of acquaintances at restaurant "Bellagio", on July, 3rd - press conference and walk by the steam-ship on July, 2nd has taken place. Competition of talents on July, 4th will take place.

On July, 19th it is acted on the Lemeshevsky glade silver to a pine forest in a concert devoted to birthday of Lemeshev.

The studio concert in a palace of sports "Luzniki" on June, 23rd will take place.

The studio concert on a symphonic platform of park "Sokolniki" on June, 22nd will take place

The studio concert on the Lemeshevsky glade in Silver to a pine forest on June, 21st will take place.

On June, 16th the soloist of studio Klesunova Diana acts in the Romance House. The concert beginning at 18 o'clock.

The concert of studio at a Trinity temple on Karamyshevsky quay on June, 15th will take place.

The studio concert in children's club on Rublevsky highway on June, 12th will take place. The summer residents having possibility to result children from summer residences on performance CALL the HEAD!!!

I Congratulate all pupils of the senior group on a successful passing examinations on classical dance, national-characteristic dance, ballet gymnastics and mastery! Following the results of a year three best schoolgirls of studio are awarded by cups: Klesunova Diana, Potapov Elizabeth and Aksenova Anna.

On June, 4th examination in the senior group. Subjects: national-characteristic, classical dance, gymnastics, mastery. Form observance NECESSARILY

On June, 3rd a concert in federation "Мирекс" tower. Rehearsal on June, 3rd at 15 o'clock in studio, on a platform to be at 18 o'clock.

By results of film tests for shootings in an art film-musical are selected: Bogdanova Tanja, Bashkatova Alina, a Desjaterik Nastja, a Smantset Tanja. it is congratulated!!! Taking days: 16, 26, 27, on June, 28th and on July, 2nd.

On June, 1st in park "Тушино" festival gala concert "Our solar world" will take place. Rehearsal on Saturday at 11 o'clock.

On May, 28th mazhoretok gathering in studios at 14 o'clock, then we go on rehearsal of a luzhkovsogo of a concert.

Children invited to film tests, meet in studio on May, 22nd at 14 o'clock. At itself to have: suits, the form for employment, a creative portfolio (at whom is).

On May, 21st in studio selection of girls-ballerinas of 8-14 years for shootings in a feature film will take place. The APPEARANCE is obligatory!!!

For pupils of studio and their parents the album for a photo from personal archives is opened. Add photos it were desirable with instructions of actions on which they are made.

On May, 8th a Klesunova Diana became the world champion on Gipsy dance on the world dancing Olympic Games. We congratulate!

On May, 6th the ensemble "planet Rhythms" became the winner of competition-festival "victory Salute".

On May, 4th the soloist of a ballet school "Nutcracker" 11-year-old Diana Klesunova became the prize-winner of the European championship on ballet among professionals. We congratulate!

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