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Studio «Model-show» - 16 YEARS. Models Agency MODEL-SHOW INVITES MODELS BLONDINOK 17-25 YEARS GROWTH 170-185 cm, more than 92 ROUND NOT SEE FOR PRESENTATIONS AROMATA YVES ROCHER. REQUIRED Girl GEMINI with model appearance. REQUIRED Girl AFRIKANKI with model data. BLACK GIRLS WITH MODELLING DATA ARE REQUIRED. WELCOME GIRLS TANTSOVSCHITS OMG OMG, 18-25 years of growth 170-185 CM with model data. Model Agency AND STUDIO MODEL-SHOW recruit girls in the show-ballet GROWTH 165-180 cm. Age 18-30 years HOREOGRAFICHESKOY training for work in Moscow and abroad. CONTACT +79262284414, +79037706034.84991946887.

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Russia. Moscow. Model Agency

Moscow model agency and studio

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The world dancing Olympic Games 2009
Our victories

Moscow model agency "Model-show" works since 1993. Over the years, have developed different creative directions, many of which have the level of vocational groups: ballet studio "Nutcracker", choreographic ensemble "Rhythms of the world", the ensemble mazhoretok "Rossiyanki", model agency "Model-show".

Ballet Studio "Nutcracker" teaches children and adolescents on a program of dance training. His repertoire includes excerpts from the studio of renowned classical ballets and variations of the best concert repertoire (supplied). Among the artists - winners of international dance competitions, the well-known projects, television programs and international missions. Soloist studio Klesunova Diana - Championship of Europe on the ballet junior professionals.

Ensemble mazhoretok "Rossiyanki" is a very demanded, popular for concerts and entertainment, and for various celebrations direction. The repertoire of the ensemble classical ceremonial barabanschitsy, dancing with pomponami, flags, tvirling. Features of the creative direction - the widest range of use, high degree of impact on the audience, the possibility of combining speech with the activities at any level - to meet the mayor of Moscow to project First Channel television.

Choreographic ensemble Rhythms of the world has a large repertoire of dances of the peoples of the world and contemporary dance. Soloist Ensemble - world champion for the gypsy dance dance at the World Olympiad. Ensemble shows viewers how incendiary virtuoso dancing, as well as full velichavogo dignity roundelay Great Moscow, which the staff has been performed not only at the concert venues, but also in churches (presentations were held at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in the temple of Holy Trinity).

Model line model agency Model-show has at its extraordinary repertoire of original numbers. Famous ones is plastic spectacle Cosmic, executed in the style of the top breaks and dressed in a rare costumes, which became the basis for the concert rooms of many local pop stars. Also attractive as a costume designer, and the recruitment of prop for many artists and bands kontsertiruyuschih was an exotic room glare East, demand always and everywhere: from the holidays of the year of China in Russia, to show in the grand concert halls Russia, The World , the Palace of Sports Luzhniki and Sokolniki.

Own impeccable skill defile and a thorough knowledge of all known schemes shows allow staff to put into show fashion creations of high fashion (the show Retro-chic Tatiana Romanyuk), brands, brands (stage clip for firms Snow and the Company ) and to demonstrate the achievement of the exclusive fashion ( Evening defile ).

Of modeling studios won a beauty contest: "Miss Moscow", "Krasa Russia", "Miss World" ( "Miss teen world"), etc.

An important feature of the team is the fact that many members are several creative directions and a small staff can arrange for a large full-fledged concert. Clearly defining is the high level of performance in all directions, svidelstvo this - convincing victories in various creative competitions. Thus, in 2006, the team was awarded the UNESCO clubs and festivals was premirovan trip to Europe with the mission of young Muscovites Youth for a culture of peace and harmony. Presentations were held in Brussels (the headquarters of NATO) in Paris (in the Russian Cultural Center), in Berlin, Dresden and other cities. In 2004, the studio group has represented Russia at the international forum on the 150 anniversary of Sevastopol in the Crimean War. In 2007, the studio participated in the governmental visit to the Republic of Belarus, introducing CJSC Moscow in Grodno.

Some students involved in professional singing, in this regard have serious achievements and participate in many projects of the studio, performing as a pop, and classical works.

Team studio is friendly with many stars of Russian and foreign music, composer, actor, producer of theater, television and often participates in joint concerts.

Model agency and studio "Model-show" the winner of the annual festivals "Youth for Culture of Peace", conducted by the Union of Youth Organizations of Russia, party activities and the Russian city of scale, television programs and feature films. In 2007, the studio has held 48 concerts in 2008 .- 50.

Team model agency and studio "Model-show" is always ready for an interesting new initiatives and projects.

Head of the model agency and studio "Model-show" - AN Veselov, professional director, actor, narrator and radioveduschy.

Choreographic office studio headed by the winner of the Presidential Award priority national projects, high school teacher, choreographer, choreographer, professional dancer D. A. Chachine.


1 rounds and selection viewings every Sunday in centre "Intertalant". For nonresident soloists and collectives on a demo-video. PRODUCER CENTER "INTERTALANT" and the Center of aesthetic development of "Intertalant" are created and work at official body of culture club "Phoenix" since 2005 Since March, 2009 the branch on Rublevke in a recreation centre of "Rublevo" works
We always search for new talented people. Models, singers and singers, actresses and actors, dancers and many other things. If you are young, talented or simply beautiful, we wait for you!


  1. Main objectives and problems:
    1. Moral and aesthetic education of children and youth, revealing and support, and also advancement, young talented executors and collectives.
    2. Expansion of creative contacts and an exchange of experience of heads of collectives, the master - classes of leading teachers of Russia and abroad.
    3. Friendly coexistence of the various countries and the people, and representation of their cultural traditions, creative achievements.
    4. Creation of a database of collectives and soloists for interested persons.
    5. Attraction of State structures and the commercial organisations to participation in cultural and creative international projects.
    6. Revival of traditions of the Russian patronage of arts.
  2. the Producer and the director of the International competition-festival: Veselov Alexey Nikolaevich.
  3. the competition Jury is formed of heads of creative collectives, participants and the invited stars of show business.
  4. Genres and nominations:
    the Choreography:
    National, modern, sports, classical, variety, ball, a jazz modernist style, hip-hop, a break, club, , a tap dance, etc.
    the Vocal:
    National, classical, variety, fate, choral art.
    Theatrical collectives:
    Musical performance, a musical, show, an opera, an operetta +
    the Circus art:
    Classical circus, vanguard, musical the clown, clownery, a pantomime +
    Modelling art:
    Agencies, studios, theatres of modes, schools of models, show - modes +
    1) mazhoretki with percussion instruments
    2) mazhoretki with pompons
    3) mazhoretki with flags and banners
    4) mazhoretki with long loafs
    Tool music:
    Solo, duets, a trio, quartets, small forms, ensembles, groups, collectives, orchestras +
    Art gymnastics, acrobatics, single combats, any sports-scenic shows +
    Age categories:
    5 - 12 years (Nursery)
    12 - 15 years (Youthful)
    15 - 25 years (Youth)
    25 - 40 years (Adult)
  5. participation Conditions:
    1. The questionnaire, photos (1 - 4 photos)
    2. A competitive payment: Participation in the program under invitation cards or money resources.
    One soloist - 3000 rub (5 tickets 600 rub).
    Duets 2 3000 rub = 6000 rub (10 tickets on 600 rub)
    the Trio 3 2000 = 6000 rub (10 tickets on 600 rub)
    Quartets 4 1500 = 6000 rub (10 tickets on 600 rub)
    Collectives from 5 participants and more - 600 on everyone (1 ticket on 600 rub quantity of participants)
    3. The competitive program should consist of two products-compositions no more than 5 minutes everyone (for a vocal an audio record "minus"); soloists-vocalists have the right to use a bek-vocal in record or "alive"; the group has not the right to use a bek-vocal in record; for theatres of modes, scenic single combats and variety miniatures - one composition no more than 10 minutes. Organizers of competition have the right to refuse contestant demand reception.
  6. a carrying out Place:
    Moscow. The address on nominations specify in organising committee.
  7. carrying out Terms:
    On sites:
  8. Nominations and awards.
    competition Grand prix. Winners have the right to trip abroad or equivalent monetary compensation. Has an opportunity to work in our agency and the producer centre.
    Diplomas of the first, second and third degree
    All collectives and soloists (excepting prize-winners) receive the diploma of the participant of competition
    a number of special prizes Is founded
  9. Competition passes:
    the First round
    the Second round (semi-final)
    the Third round (ending)
    Gal-show of winners
  10. the competition-festival Status:
    Opened for all countries and the people.
  11. Additional conditions:
    The Participant should be ready to a part for three numbers before the performance, in case of unavailability to performance the head should inform on it to the manager of a scene for two numbers before performance. The audio record and the luminous scenario should be at corresponding services prior to the beginning of branch. In case of default of these conditions the participant can be removed from competition.
    The removal Reasons : participation not in the age category (not less than 80 % of participants in the declared nomination should correspond to the declared age category), bad sounding of an audio record, an audio record "plus" or a considerable quantity of bek-vocalists (for a vocal), incorrect behaviour of participants of collective or the soloist, their heads (action stirring either offending other participants or competition-festival administration), a part not according to the schedule of performances. Heads of participants are obliged to support constant contact to organizers of competition-festival for reception of the necessary information and recommendations about passage of competitive actions.
    In the office accommodations adjoining to a scene, are supposed only contestants and heads of collectives, but not earlier than before two numbers to a part. The input and an exit from auditorium during numbers, and also loud conversations in a hall are forbidden.
    At damage by participants of competition of property of a place of carrying out of competition, participants can be removed from competition, and the damage is compensated by heads of collectives.
    Competition-festival in each nomination is considered taken place with the assistance of not less than five contestants. At smaller quantity of participants of jury has the right to unite age categories. The jury has the right not to award separate places and Grand prix under the decision. The jury has the right to estimate the participant in other nomination.
    Organizers of competition-festival have the right to remove judges and contestants, convicted of arrangement.
    In emergencies or a disputable situation the Organizing committee has the right to interfere and make changes to the given Position and competition-festival carrying out.

The DEMAND-QUESTIONNAIRE for participation in the International competition - festival "Intertalant"

We invite partners, advertisers and sponsors for participation in

The international Forum of Beauty and Talents,

(Carrying out date: July, 2010)

Ms. of a MPSI-2009,

(Carrying out date: November, 2009)

To exhibition "Glamour" (all for a magnificent life),

The international Beauty contest and Talents

Model Agency
Studio Model-show
Moscow model agency and studio Model-show works since 1993. During this period, Model-shows proved to be a stable operating organization

Model agency and studio Model-show this:

Model Agency;
Acting Agency;
Agency holidays;
Wedding Agency;
Baby Model Agency;
Children's Acting Agency;
Children's artistic Agency;
Artistic Agency;
Employment agency;
Promouterskoe Agency;
Producing Center;
PHOTO and Photographic;
Web design;
Concert Agency;
Klipmeykerskoe Agency and video;
Developing employment for children and children's development

In database model shows:
Guide model;
Leading the show;
Management consultants;
Dancers, actresses Ballet;
Artists Body art;
Directed by;
Set Designer;
Svetohudozhniki and lighting;
Audio and sound;
Specialists in computer technologies;
Growth and hodyachie inflatable dolls and flying figures;

Model-show it:
School models
School models
School actors advertising
The school of modern choreography
School pop vocal
School of Classical Ballet
Ballet Gymnastics
School speech
School Model-show. Subjects:
Defile (movement, gait)
The skill of an actor and model
Modern choreography (a jazz, a modernist style, a platform, hip-hop, the top break, etc.)
Classical choreography
National-characteristic dance
Aesthetic gymnastics
The art of words
Visage, cosmetics
Statement of solo numbers
Statement of mass numbers and miniperformances
Pop vocal
Video (videointervyu)
Fototrening (test photo or a model portfolio)

Age model agency Model-show with 3 till 40 years. In the school photo, models, actors advertising, modern dance, pop vocal (with 3 till 25 years), in ballet Studios (with 3 till 14 years)

Model-shows organizes and services:

Photo, video, film, TV, exhibitions, presentations festivals, awarding prizes, forums, concerts, shouprogrammy, fashion shows, show-room, PROMOTION, holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, wine, contests, castings (photo and videokastingi), corporate parties, banquets, receptions, any promotions ...
Shooting video clips, inexpensive digital portfolio for novice models and actresses, fototesty, photo and videoproby.
We accept orders for artistic photographs to show the elite, business and other clients.
Shoots booklets, calendars, catalogs, flyers, banners, city-size photo for packages and other
The rented sound, light, television and projection equipment.

Studio Model Show is:

Cinema-concert hall (1000 seats);
Club restaurant (400-600 seats);

Partners provide hotels, transport services.

Studio Model Show is engaged in recruiting personnel for the elite firms (assistant director, secretaries, economists, lawyers, hostes, administrators, marketers, PR-managers and other professionals). WELCOME TO COOPERATION designers with collections, factories, and fashion, fashion stores, the film studio, the exhibition, the organizers of the show, producing center, artdirektorov clubs and other interested individuals and organizations.

Our partners:

MASTER CARD, SIEMENS, BMV, Wella, Reebok (system fitness), DOLCE & GABBANA, VERSACE, UNISEIF, Pepsi-COLA, Redken, Nestle, Nivea, LEV ANTE, A house in the village, SNIKERS, Furniture Factory FOREM, KING OF SHAVES, B. GABYU (elite chyasy), CARTE NOIRE (coffee), The Holy istochik, M & M'S, Valley Skandi, Lyanzheri, SONIA RYKIEL, CERUTTI, VALENTINO, GIANFRANCO FERRE, RAO-UES, Snow and company, Roslegprom, Legprom, VVC, Expocentr, KVC Sokolniki , film them. Gorky Mosfilm, VGIK Central Television and other

We will be glad to cooperate with the new sponsors, customers and employers
The head of the studio Veselov Alexey

Consultations on all the issues

Call us at the number 07,223 , extension 4194 #
The service fee. 60 rub. / minute (VAT excluded). The exact value, specify your operator.
The duration of the call is rounded on the big side.
Calls from mobile phones.
Schedule service from 10:00 to 21:00 (Moscow time).

Agency holidays Model-show

Agency working holidays in 1993. The professional team of studios and agencies involved in the organization and holding of festivals of any complexity turnkey. We propose the idea, develop the concept given to a creative application scenario plan estimate. We perform exclusive holidays. Finding space for any unusual developments, the original design. Organization and holding international events. Russian holidays. Professional holidays. Jubilees. Weddings. Field events. Customized evening. Children's parties. Party. Organize and conduct corporate events. Holidays at plenere. Going any closed space. We organize the presentation of objects. Custom evening. Promotions. Presentations. Calendar holidays. CHRISTMAS. NEW YEAR. Old New Year. 23 February. Valentine's Day. St. Tatiana's Day. Student Day. Women's celebration on 8 March. April Fool's Day. Victory Day. 1MAYA. Children's Day. Other holidays ...
Organize and conduct tours of touring. Show program. Model events. Concerts. Fashion shows. Fashion Shows. Erotic program. Malchishniki. Devichniki. Celebrations. We organize corporate recreation. Private holidays. Corporate holidays. Family prazdiki. The global event. Organization and holding of beauty contests. Prizes. Graduation balls. Thematic holidays. Banquets. Furshet. Catering. Picnics in the countryside. Events companies.
Our agency is organizing festivals and conducts urban holidays. District holidays. Moscow celebrations. Military holidays. Entertainment. Birthdays. Sports holidays. Public holidays and events. Private events and parties. Fiesta. Creative Holidays. Creative events. Creative solutions. Unique approaches. EVENTS. PR-aktsii.Seminary.Prazdniki Bozhole.Rozygryshi.Loterei.Auktsiony.Karnavaly.Semplingi.Razvlekatelnye prazdniki.Vecherinki. Organize and conduct business activities. Name. Holidays with a model agency. Cooking original gifts. Magical holidays. Magic Holidays. Matinee. Holidays at home. Holidays in the kindergarten. Holidays in school. Holidays at the institute. Congratulations to the office. Meetings classmates. Meetings classmates. We offer various models of holidays. The organization and conduct of peers. Jubilees firms. Jubilees organizations. Jubilees banks. Anniversaries of major companies. Other holidays ...
We, every customer and interested in the organization of any holiday.
Agency holidays studios Model-show (Moscow).

Proposal for advertisers.

Ladies and gentlemen! Advertising department model agency and studio Model-show Organizing Committee and the International Forum, beauty and talent offers its services for the production and placement of promotional materials in different media.
Our possibilities:
Strategic planning of advertising campaigns, which includes marketing and media services for television, radio, press and subway.
Advertising campaigns in the central and regional television channels, including the placement of TV advertising as on the network, as well as in Moscow and regional units of central channels.
Organization of work for the production of audio and video: scenario development and shooting videos of malobyudzhetnyh sophisticated computer to play with the famous actors.
Sponsorship of television advertising, product-placement: we will actively cooperate with the producers of television programs, films and serials, and offer you the advertised product placement within the film or television.
Organization of sponsorship of sporting events, exhibitions and presentations; PR-service in the press, radio and TV.
Placement of outdoor advertising, as well as advertising on the subway and public transportation (buses, trolley buses, trams, taxis).
Production of print and advertising and souvenirs from the idea to translate (business cards, letterhead, brochures, catalogs, etc.).
Advertising in the central and regional press.

With respect and hope for the cooperation of the advertising department of the studio model shows and organizing committee of the International Forum of beauty and intelligence.


Model agency and studio Model-show invites children, adolescents, women, youths and adults at a master class on the catwalk (3 - 40 years).
Studio and agency invites you to a master class in preparation for the beauty contest (5 - 40 years).
Studio and agency invites you to the master-class on the skill of an actor and model (3 - 40 years).
Studio and agency invites you to the master-class on aesthetic gymnastics (2,5 - 30 years).
Studio and agency invites you to a master class in contemporary dance (5 - 30 years).
Ballet studio of "The Nutcracker" invites you to the master-class on classical choreography and classic machine candidates from 2.5 to 30 years.
Choreographic ensemble "Rhythms of the Planet" invites you to the master-class on traditional choreography and the People's typical machine candidates from 5 to 30 years.
Ensemble mazhoretok "Rossiyanki" invites you to the master class:
1) on percussion instruments (5 - 20 years).
2) to pomponam (5 - 20 years).
3) on flags and banners (5 - 20 years).
4) on batonam (5 - 20 years).

Information on short number 07223, extension 4194 #.

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